News Story

The following information is part of a class assignment at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, 2019. All information is intended to be sourced appropriately.

  • Case Study: World Record Egg
    Remember the World Record Egg back in 2019? The egg that became the most liked picture on Instagram and has held that title ever since? Did you know that breaking the record was part of a campaign? After breaking the world record, the account started posting photos of the egg starting to crack little by little. The account then announced that they would be revealing what’s inside the egg in a short clip on Hulu that was to be aired immediately following the Super Bowl. It turned out that the World Record Egg was a campaign for mental health awareness.
  • WAER Membership Campaign
    During the fall 2021 semester, I worked alongside three other classmates to put together a campaign planbook for WAER, which is Syracuse University’s NPR affiliate station. We were tasked with the goal of increasing memberships and converting regular members to sustained members who donate on a monthly basis. The planbook includes our research, a breakdown of our objectives, strategies, and tactics for the campaign, a budget, a GANTT chart to show the timeline of the campaign, and example deliverables that could be used by the client.
  • Social Media Release
    A sample social media release for a hypothetical situation where Six Flags Darien Lake holds a Dance Marathon fundraiser to raise funds for Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital
  • News Story
    A news story about Juice Jam 2019 at Syracuse University written for educational purposes in a class at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University
  • Feature Story
    This is a feature story written about Molly Coletta. Coletta was the executive director of OttoTHON (Syracuse University’s Dance Marathon) in 2019, and I got the opportunity to interview her and learn about her position and what motivates her in her work
  • News Release
    This is a news release written for a hypothetical situation where I played the role of the Public Relations Director for Six Flags Entertainment Corp. In this scenario, Six Flags was announcing that they hired a new Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  • Biography
    In this assignment, we were tasked with finding a headshot and writing body copy that could be used on a biography page of a company website. In this scenario, I wrote about a hypothetical man who works for Six Flags Entertainment Corp.
  • Op-Ed
    This is an op-ed written about Greek letter organizations on university campuses. I discussed how Greek life has gotten a bad reputation from the headline stories about the worst of the worst situations, but those are the exceptions. I argue that Greek life is not as bad as it seems and joining it actually has many benefits
  • E-Newsletter
    In this assignment, we were tasked with choosing a company and creating a hypothetical newsletter that could be sent to employees. It had to be designed and look like a realistic newsletter and have relevant information for the employees of the company
  • Talking Points
    In this assignment, I played the role of a representative from the Onondaga Department of Parks and Recreation. I was given a scenario where there was an outbreak of monkey B virus in the Rhesus Macaque monkeys at the zoo. I put together these talking points that someone could hypothetically use in this scenario.

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