2022 Planner With Download

I created this neutral aesthetic planner for 2022 which includes a yearly calendar, class schedule pages, monthly calendars, habit trackers, weekly planning sheets, monthly reviews, and daily planning sheets. The daily planning sheets include due and to do lists, daily schedule, and sections for gratitude, tracking water intake, and notes. It was created to be imported to GoodNotes 5, but can be used however each individual sees fit.

  • Safe Foods
    For neurodivergents, eating isn’t always a simple task, but keeping a list of your safe foods can help remedy that.
  • Why I Love My Sorority
    With my final sorority recruitment starting, I wanted to share the 6 things that make me love my sorority that I hope potential new members are excited for.
  • 5 Nightly Habits to Wrap Up Your Day
    After years of feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities and working right up until my head hits the pillow, I decided enough is enough. I’ve implemented these 5 habits into my nightly routine to help me to de-stress and sleep better each night.
  • 2022 Planner With Download
    A 2022 planner with a variety of pages and a link for download.
  • 21 Things I Learned In 2021
    This year has been… well it’s been a year. That being said, this year taught me a lot about myself and the world around me, and I wanted to share 21 different lessons I learned in year 2021.
  • Study Tips for Neurodivergents
    Having ADHD or another neurodivergency means your brain learns and processes information differently, so these are a few tips that I have found help me to study as someone who was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult.

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