Safe Foods

All my fellow neurodivergents out there, tell me if you relate to this. Sometimes, food just doesn’t sound good. No matter how hungry I am and no matter how weak my body feels, I cannot fathom the idea of consuming any food. Since I cannot decide what sounds good to eat, I get overwhelmed and decide not to eat at all, and I end up in this vicious cycle of feeling nauseous when I don’t eat but the idea of food also making me nauseous and it’s the worst.

A few months back, I learned about “safe foods”, and it has helped severely decrease the amount of anxiety that comes with choosing what to eat. Safe foods are the foods that you know you’re able to eat 100% of the time. They’re typically easy to make or access, and when all else fails you can turn to these foods.

The idea of safe foods has made my life a million times easier. I keep my safe foods in my apartment at all times so I know I’m always going to have something to eat, even if it’s unhealthy or just a small snack. This helps me avoid having dizzy spells and feeling weak and tired throughout the day.

In addition to my safe foods, I keep Ensure Nutrition Shakes in my apartment for the days where the simple act of eating is revolting. When all else fails, at least I can drink something that tastes like chocolate milk.

Everyone’s safe foods are going to be different, and your safe foods can change over time, but I highly recommend making a list of your personal safe foods and making sure they’re accessible to you at all times. It can spare you a lot of anxiety and help you function as the best version of yourself.

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