Safe Foods

For neurodivergents, eating isn’t always a simple task, but keeping a list of your safe foods can help remedy that.

Why I Love My Sorority

With my final sorority recruitment starting, I wanted to share the 6 things that make me love my sorority that I hope potential new members are excited for.

5 Nightly Habits to Wrap Up Your Day

After years of feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities and working right up until my head hits the pillow, I decided enough is enough. I’ve implemented these 5 habits into my nightly routine to help me to de-stress and sleep better each night.

21 Things I Learned In 2021

This year has been… well it’s been a year. That being said, this year taught me a lot about myself and the world around me, and I wanted to share 21 different lessons I learned in year 2021.

Study Tips for Neurodivergents

Having ADHD or another neurodivergency means your brain learns and processes information differently, so these are a few tips that I have found help me to study as someone who was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult.